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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

V and Co. New OMBRE Patterns and Sale

I am so excited to announce a couple of new patterns for our V and Co. Ombre Fabric with Moda!
To celebrate I am offering for a limited time 30% off all PDF patterns! JUST ENTER PDFSALE30B at checkout! Sale ends February 2nd at midnight.

As you all know the fabric has now shipped to your local quilt stores and your favorite online stores! If your store has it in stock tell them thank you for seeing the vision! :) And as promised we are adding NEW patterns to our already existing list of Ombre Patterns  and we promise to continue to add more patterns as time goes on! 

So this time around we have two new patterns featuring our V and Co. Ombre Fabric:

First up we have Fruit Salad:

 In this pattern you will find 4 yummy fruit blocks. We have Peaches, Plums, Strawberries and Pears. Perfect summer fruit if you ask me! (as I type this with snow still on the ground outside..but it's okay summer will come before we know it!)
And may I just add, it also comes with Judgey cat approval or sabotage? Well if it has her approval you know you can't go wrong.
this quilt measures at
Each of the fruit blocks uses our ombre fabric, and as you can see here with the strawberry block we used the popsicle and hot pink ombre for the fruit and the lime green ombre for stem and leaves. So many shades in just one bolt of fabric! This is why I love this ombre fabric! When it would have taken 6-7 different solid fabrics here you have it all in one bolt! AWESOME SAUCE. And word to your muttha.

Quilt finished size is 79" x 83" This pattern includes step by step instructions with color illustrations, pictures, diagrams and template. 
Traditional piecing method.
Find Fruit Salad PDF here.
enter PDFSALE30B for 30% off all PDF offer ends February 2nd at midnight

Next we have Moroccan Getaway

I can't really express how much I love this quilt. Its so bright and cheery and a perfect pattern to show off the V and Co. Ombre Fabric 
I've said it before and I'll say it again: you can use this Ombre Fabric in any quilt pattern to give it a bit of oomph and character! When used in traditional quilt blocks the fabric takes on almost a hand dyed feel to it because of all the different shades and movement it gives the colors!
This quilt uses all 20 colors of our V and Co Ombre. And they look beautiful together! 

This Quilt comes in 3 different sizes!
Large: 79" x 91"
Medium: 57" x 68" 
baby: 34" x 46"
This pattern includes step by step instructions with color illustrations, pictures, and diagrams. 
Traditional piecing method.
Find Moroccan Getaway PDF here.
get 30% off all PDF patterns with code PDFSALE30B offer ends February 2nd at midnight.

Okay well go to it, enjoy! 

I'll just be over here trying not to get in the cat's way. We'll talk soon.
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Friday, January 22, 2016


The day has come! Well, more like last week but I've been a busy individual and can only keep up with my Instagram account on a more regular basis these days! Please go and support your Local Quilt Store and Online Quilt Store that has bought the V and Co Ombre fabric and tell them thank you for seeing the vision! 
 The patterns for the Ombre fabric are in my shop (this one is called Criss Cross Applesauce)
I am so excited to keep working and creating more patterns for these fabrics, it's really quilt exciting!
BUT you know what's even more exciting?!
Watching projects pop up in my Instagram feed under #VandCoOmbre
lets do a little show and tell shall we?
(all images are linked back to either my instragram feed or the individuals instagram feed or website)
This quilt is just stunning Christie Fincher is a master at quilting. Piecing and appliqué alike she amazes me. This is a pattern that will be available soon on her site.

I absolutely LOVE this quilt! Shannon realized after she had finished making her stars…that she needed more stars. So she opened up and cut into her V and Co Ombre fabric and added more stars to make this quilt just stunning! I love it and well, I may need to get on the ball and start making one of my own as well. Find her blog here

 I've shared in the past Meike's butterflies before but she just keeps making more and with more colors and I just looooooove them! Pattern is by Lilly Ella   and it can be found here 
Well you know my obsession of hexagons! And Lindsey is doing such an amazing job! I can't wait to see this all done!
 One of my favorite quilt patterns this last time was my Rising Star Quilt pattern…and well it seems like shop owners are loving it too!
It seems like it's shop favorite to make up and hang in their store to show off the V and Co Ombre in all it's glory!
 Here we have Oklahoma Quilt Works showing off their Rising Star Quilt (and they have kits available!)
And then we have another wonderful store sample by Urban Spools. I love it! And they have kits available as well!

This is just a sampling of what is going on in the V and Co Ombre World! I'm super happy and content with the response to this fabric. :)

And with that I'll leave you with a sneak peek of two new patterns coming (I'm hoping this next week)

First we have Fruit Salad and I promise it's yummy to look at :) 
And then we will have ahem a cat butt on my Moroccan Getaway Quilt…which will chase away all your winter blues away and warm you up with all the bright color play!
New patterns = next week
See you next week. :)

Check out the Instagram account for more inspiration and projects! 

Monday, January 11, 2016

V and Co: how to's for Valentines day

Well another year is upon us and I'm up to my eyeballs already and it's only the second week in January. I guess that's just the way it goes right? Well, with January already well on it's way we need to do a round up of our next holiday: VALENTINES DAY! 

I wanted to highlight one of my quilts from the Simply Color: Red book this one is called Queen of Hearts. It now lives permanently on the end of my daughter's bed, she's kind of obsessed with it so I let her have it after all the books were done. For pictures though we placed it on the chair and she wanted to be in the picture with Judgy Cat so I said sure…and this is what we got. :) Glad she loves it. And glad the cat loves her just as much as being on the quilt itself.

And well here's a few of the past tutorials and such things I've done celebrating February!

I heart you quilt 

Reverse applique pleated heart

 Ombre painted heart tote

Heart french knot pincushion

Rice hand warmers

Pink bloom appliqué bag

Now if you don't mind me off to the daily grind. On the horizon should be a couple of new patterns in the SHOP and also continue to patiently wait for the V and Co ombre. (by the end of January!!)

Friday, December 11, 2015

V and Co Christmas projects and mint fudge round up

 I thought I would round up a few of my past free tutorials here all in one spot. And of course add the whole awesome and easy 3 ingredient 3 minute mint fudge.
So for now here are a few past V and Co how to's

And then of course the awesome easy teacher gift you can make in like 5 minutes!
talk to ya soon. :) 

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Feeling Cheery

enter LUCKY50B for 50% off this pattern only
 Well, Hello December! I can't even believe you're already here.
 This last weekend, after our Thanksgiving coma, we brought out our stockings and christmas decor.
 I also got out my Into the Woods quilt found in my Simply Color: Green book. (and I looked festive with my hot pink and red socks as well!)

We also turned on Christmas music on, got out and assembled our fake tree, turned on the "Christmas spruce" scented wax and watched as my children continued the tradition of clumping up ornaments on 6 branches instead of evenly spacing them out…and bringing out the school ornaments as well.

As I sat and controlled my need to control the Christmas tree decorating yet again…I got all sentimental and crap…and thought…one day my tree will look just like I want it to, and that will mean that our dinner table will be empty from our children most of the year, and my house will be quiet and lonely from all of them not living under the same roof. Yes, people, I have in fact now arrived at that time in my life where my children are no longer attached at the hip, and I actually have the opportunity to miss them. And you know what? I've now become one of those annoying middle aged women who look at the young mothers and smile and say "I know it's hard now, but at some point in your life you'll look back and miss it…momentarily…and then you'll be so happy that you do in fact get a solid night's rest…but…you'll also be feeling like you are running out of time with your kids being in your home all together at once."
I'm living happy in the right nows. My kids and husband are the most important things and I am so lucky.
I did have to remind myself how sentimental and lucky I was feeling just minutes before as I watched from the sidelines the process of the tree "decorating" that was happening. We had the13 almost 14 year old standing on a chair getting the top half of the tree only to become sidetracked and egged on by two children under the tree coaxing him and then cheering as the ornaments ping pongee down the center of the tree... and then the fourth child needing reminding that chucking ornaments at the tree so they get stuck in the tree is not called decorating in this house.... I only yelled twice (and had to walk away while grumbling under my breath) so I'm gonna call that a success.
remember my grumbling Christmas pasts?
Our not so Pretty Christmas
Oh (ginormous) Christmas Tree 
man we have some great stories…and how does my husband still have patience with me? :)
ANYWHO…In my feeling cheery that I'm getting solid sleep these days and that I still get to enjoy my children messing with my tree decorating ideas…I wanted to offer a 50% off of my Lucky Stars pattern so you can control at least one thing if you aren't controlling your tree decorating like me…and you can make this adorable pillow, ahem and quilt if you have the time.

Just enter: LUCKY50B at check out and the pattern is yours for $5 :) this offer will end on DECEMBER 16, 2015 
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